can't go back

from Flickin' the 'V's by Tiger & Panda & Ox



the cold stops you from caring
so you put on another layer
but it gets between the cracks
until you wish that you were sleeping
it's getting colder in the evenings
all your favourite birds are leaving
you're running out of money
and the will to put things right
and all your principles look weaker
in the winter light

the dirty rain water
collects in the gutter
with lichen and lime
that's been leached from the mortar
the puddles collect the water
where the animals gather
and underneath the branches
where the animals shelter
you swear you half remember
a time when you were better
a time when everything felt right
you swear it was so nice
but that was just a time
when you didn't know the truth
and you can't go back
to paradise


from Flickin' the 'V's, released March 2, 2012
words: ireland


all rights reserved



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