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We are proud to finally present Thru The Nite, an album by Tiger + Panda + Otter + Ox + Badger + Pigeon + Lion + Bear + Rabbit + Chipmunk, available in the following formats:

– Download
– Audio cassette.

Listen, the reason we chose to make this first ‘pressing’ of the physical item in this format is because:

1. We wanted a format with two sides as we composed this album with a break in the middle
2. We cannot afford to press a record this time (we’d really like to in the future)
3. The minimum order for duping tapes is much lower and cheaper
4. Out of tapes and CDs, tapes are nicer objects.

When you purchase the cassette, you get the download for free.

There will be a small music show to celebrate the release of the album at Friendly Records, North Street, Bristol, on the afternoon of Sunday 23 July 2017. We’ll sell tapes there.

This is an album about falling asleep with the radio on.

Also, you may find that some of these songs seem to be political. The fact is these songs are all political and are all personal and they are about reality and also about feelings. We do not want to claim or invade anybody else’s space. This is just our small thing, from our finite perspectives.


released July 24, 2017

Tiger + Panda are Oliver Watson and Henry Ireland

Steve Brett – clarinet
David Burke – guitar
Frances Dixon – vocals
Phil Dodd – trumpet, percussion, gargling
Nicol Parkinson – drums, guitar, piano, gargling
Emma Rayner – drums
Jack Sanderson Thwaite – saxophone, percussion, gargling
Michal William – Mbira, vocals, percussion, gargling

All songs and arrangements by Tiger + Panda except Untitled 6, Composed/improvised by Nicol Parkinson with Michal William.

Recorded on 4-track tape on Saturday 2 July 2016 in the small hall, Cotham Parish Church, Bristol by Henry Ireland and Phil Dodd. Mixed and mastered on the cloud by Henry Ireland, Nicol Parkinson and
Oliver Watson.


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Stranger friend
Striped scarf round your neck
Remember me in the shadow town square
I just walked past stranger friend

Held your things by the clock tower
I do I do remember
I just walked past stranger friend

Handing out leaflets now
Doing that you must be laughing
I just walked past stranger friend

I was hiding my head
Like a double agent for the blow ins
Track Name: Abbey ruins
It smelt like chip pan fat in your wild house
Shot arrows from skateboard rooves
Melted soldiers hidden from the view
Of the stream the sandbag and the flood

It’s been a while since our
Fizzy pint-size reunion
I’ve seen your friends treat you cruel
You were better than them

Sitting by abbey ruins
backpack s kicked to the head strap
Long arms punched
And coins in the carwash fund

It’s been a while since our
Fizzy pint-size reunion
I’ve seen your friends treat you cruel
You are better than them
Track Name: Granite
Making tracks in granite
The earth is still my favourite planet
I’ve been under the impression I am evil
Is that the situation with you also?
Watering your favourite plants
Giving smaller things a better life
Makes you feel as if you stand a chance
Makes it seem more possible to survive

When you say god is a woman
Are women supposed to take that as a compliment?
We still cut girls when they are children
Just another way to control them

Dig your trench down to bedrock
Vision obscured by the void fog
We are safe beneath the mountain
We are safe underneath the mountain
Track Name: Hidden rivers
There are dealerships blocking the lines
That have been walked by older feet than mine
We are lost, lost short of the footway sign

We’ve hidden rivers, hidden hopes
Hidden rivers, hidden hopes

We couldn’t squash the wasp so we stamped the ant
And the clouds stand in dark clarity
But despite yourself

There are hidden rivers, hidden hopes
Hidden rivers, hidden hopes
Track Name: Buildings and trees
The plants are brittle and dry
Towers the colour of the sky
There is a ghost of a tree
Up the side of a building

Fire shrinks back inside
Red blood under a scab
Like fruit and ripe
At the core when it’s wrinkled outside

I expand and contract
I breathe in and out
Try to anticipate change
When to be quiet when to be brave

I walk through trees with headphones on
I sit on stumps listening to songs
I walk to work in dark blue light
Street lamps still on from last night
I walk deep into the city
Between trees and buildings
Nowhere to go but farther from home
Track Name: The second night
Soon it will be dark and both our backs are arched
The sun dropped the same way hours ago

They say the city never sleeps but it’s quiet in the second night

And you could get lost here
It’s not safe
There’s a fox screaming out the window

The sun sets through the railings I’m the only one awake
By the go home railway, Winterbourne’s our shame

And you could get lost here
It’s not safe
There’s a fox screaming out the window
Track Name: Artichoke heart
You offered me an artichoke heart
Soaked in oil and tender
Do you remember?

It’s time for us to pack our clothes
And all the other favourite things we can carry
And climb out of the rubble
And shed our old selves
And face the future

I found the note you wrote to me
When you thought you were dying
Do you remember?

The winter time has rearranged
All the familiar landmarks
And left us empty
And when the grief finally fades
It leaves everything rearranged
like a cruel winter
Track Name: Thru the nite
There’s only room
On this old lake
For two birds
Translucent paper plate
Coffee in the pot
Etched in black dirt
Gloves made of handholds
White-feathered birds
Homing pigeons on warplanes
Extremely well-to-do
You were too young to fly
Fastened to the railing

Raised in centimeters
Knitted in a factory
60s houses fallen softly
A cool guy in shades

Ladder scaffolded
Sugar-tired feeling
Southbank bunkers
Blisters from the backpack
Pearls in Iceland
Endlessly beaten down grass
What do we make here?
Dyed with a chemical

Walk through the city
All through the night
Track Name: Firework smoke
Firework smoke
Crept down the park’s sidestreets
Cold at the roundabout
Pale lights and plastic doors

I’m calling you out

I thought that they would run us down
So we lifted legs at the pace of pistons
Found the few places to still sit down
With our own hot drinks and space for talking

I’m calling you out