by Tiger + Panda

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And Morley 02:07
And Morley looked down On a valley of stone men Wealthy conquered Rebuilding now Not heights But warm fragility Old father Thames Old lessons shared Who’s statue remains In the corner of our route Pioneers, from spotlights to traffic islands Library doors, student glass Daffodils at Morley’s feet
Ruins 02:48
ruins in the rain that some old ancestor built keeping your heart open is deceptively difficult continuing your superstitious walk around the block do you think you will improve? does it matter if you cannot? feeling like a failure what's failure anyway? no more chores orange light walking to town shaped to suit our world what do we look like on the inside? on the deep inside? shaped to suit that world that common invisible world i learn nothing i grow backwards
Invader! 02:39
Pull up bundles of Broken sage and curry plant The smell lingers as the invader invades Our home haven An open door Dog police Defend with foolish object As the invader invades Our home haven
in a house you cannot leave in your house you cannot move keeping me up at night lights on over the cooker washing vegetables in soapy water this is every day this is not a special occasion keeping me up at night sunlight knocks at my door afraid to let it in healthy people on the tv people meeting out in the street when will i see you again? exercise and vitamins burn off in summer did you have enough oranges? keeping me up at night
Up on the tops Sky turned orange Snow promised Leave the city Leave completely You can draw a picture from the water from our footprints Sugar burnt underpass Berlin Wall in the fragment park You can draw a picture from...
Economics 01:29
i don't care what you think or i wish i din't care i'm shaped by outer space and particles in the air a house above the clouds a bed beneath the eaves night trains shake your possessions rocking you to sleep it's easy to trick yourself it's easy not to feel it's easier not to exist than to be really real my phone comes back to life and i send you a reply by the flickering firelight the forest heaves a sigh pulled by the planets pulled by the tides the economics leave me behind


We made this record together as something to do during a strange time when we could not go outside. We want to share it with our friends who are going through the same, the one or two people who enjoy our silly songs.

So please have these songs as a gift from us to you.

If you really feel the need to hand over some money for this thing, and you are able to do so, maybe, instead of spending it on us, you could spend some money on another artist who could use it, or donate a small sum to an organisation in need. We've listed a few, mostly national, mostly charities. By all means choose something more local and personal to you. Again, only if you can and want to. No pressure, any time, ever.

Lots of love
Tiger + Panda


p.s. if you prefer to consume this album in the form of a multimedia odyssey, a video collage version is available at www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1HrWawlBYSR0hXzL5MUgIoUHWl-5zztv


released April 19, 2020

Written and recorded by Henry Ireland and Olly Watson, spring 2020




polite records UK

polite records was founded in 2005. It is not an example of the best of anything. it is just a catalogue of the projects of, or connected with, the three people who run it: phil dodd, henry ireland and olly watson. if you are looking for a label, we suggest that you start your own. it is easy and you can get in touch and ask us for tips if you want. ... more

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