Throw that ring down a well.
It was a cheap one after all.
You were the no-good boy.
You were the respectable girl.
Long adventures in the car.
Fill the house with furniture.
Books do furnish a room.
Fill this house up with children.
Walk once more around the block.
Like two hands around a clock.
Two hands holding tightly
in your long coats with your black dog.
Not how you wanted it to end.
In the hospital again.
You were the no-good boy.
Now the keeper of the respectable girl.

You grazed your knee and now you’re feeling it.
Always the itch that begins the heal.
Your head is out of the sea now.
Slowly released from a torrent of mess.
You’re making something beautiful while everything burns down.
Kiss me quick, there’s no time to lose.
We both escaped a feral youth
so we can be safe companion.
Let’s walk now, there’s work to do.
Like making something beautiful while everything burns down.
Tradewinds are rolling in
and they start to salt your skin
but the day marks on the coast
are the people that will set you right.
They’ll make you something beautiful while everything burns down.

As I look at the view
out of the window
past the box that contains
what remains of you,
our faces are all aglow
with the residual light
that you left behind
and the hills behind the grounds
peek now and then
through a mourning veil of mist
And you walk home arm in arm.
In your long coats.
With your black dog.
And did I tell you I saw you once.
From a bus.
Walking past the supermarket?
Regular as a clock
now stopped.
The Grandfather clock in your living room
in the house that will be empty soon.
Long enough ago I know
that house lost the most important thing to you.


from Live at Cafe Kino, released November 16, 2013


all rights reserved



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polite records was founded in 2005. It is not an example of the best of anything. it is just a catalogue of the projects of, or connected with, the three people who run it: phil dodd, henry ireland and olly watson. if you are looking for a label, we suggest that you start your own. it is easy and you can get in touch and ask us for tips if you want. ... more

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