mercy of millionaires

from Flickin' the 'V's by Tiger & Panda & Ox



you and i
we make our bread
working at the mercy
of millionaires
i'ts not so bad
but we get depressed
waiting for something
to happen to us

and we don't know what it is
but it's better than this
we don't know what it is
and we're still waiting for it

you and i
we don't see life
when we look out at
the passers by
we try to be good
but we don't know what it means
we don't see good
in anything

you and i
we got it wrong
we didn't love
ourselves enough
and now we don't
love anyone
and there's none left
to love us
so i'll settle for you
if you'll settle for me
in spite of my
repellent nature
we could wait


from Flickin' the 'V's, released March 2, 2012
words: Ireland


all rights reserved



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