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Nick Gunzburg Such lovely lovely songs, guys. I'm proud to own this phonograph record. Favorite track: monument.
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Dowry EP was written on Dowry Place, on Hotwells Road in Bristol, February 2009. First performed in the scout hut, Bristol, March 2009. Recorded by Phil Dodd on Hermitage Street, Cheltenham, January 2011.


released May 11, 2011

Written and performed by Henry Ireland and Oliver Watson.
Recorded by Philip Dodd.


all rights reserved



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polite records was founded in 2005. It is not an example of the best of anything. it is just a catalogue of the projects of, or connected with, the three people who run it: phil dodd, henry ireland and olly watson. if you are looking for a label, we suggest that you start your own. it is easy and you can get in touch and ask us for tips if you want. ... more

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Track Name: matches
Freedom for the boy
who burned down the playground.
He left you with matches
to kick the can in.

Playing in the field
seeing who could trip who.
Hiding in the bushes.
In the sloping buses.

A garage full of snakes
dared to go climb the roof.
Climb the grazing roof
and run your freezing hands
against the blue door.
Track Name: cross country
Pushed up the hill
then flying down the hill.
Knees touching grasses
frozen blades
Our boots start to steam
when we reach the gym
and record our place
thirty sixth

Do you remember
that special sort of rain
that freezes your cheeks
and hurts your brain?

We dangled out feet
by the sides of the stream.
We won’t lose our feet ever.
There was a tree bridge
though it’s branches were filled
with bags of dog shit.
Track Name: new year
The hill that I’m walking below
is unkempt and overgrown.
Yes I’ve been staying here alone.
Summer’s the worst season.

Rain on the beach is the best
on the peer where we smoked cigarettes.
You crawled right back from the edge
but I lost my footing and fell
like a boy from a branch to the grass.
It was as simple as that.

The smell of the summer is good
but the heat from the sun rots our food.
Time to prepare for the world.
Pull up the dock from the field.
I’ve seen my face on a man.
A drunkard who swears on the bus.
He was destroyed by the young.
Now they all hold their noses at him.
Track Name: monument
Working past a place mat.
Now the table’s clean
you can feel natural
and not infected by
an awkward case of the glooms.

Watch the sun go down
by the monument
until it’s a piece of jam
that we had on breakfast.

Sought the advice of
wise men and women.
In their houses.
In their chairs.
By their fires.
Track Name: oaf
Marker pen scribbling the
answers on the
inside of a
jacket of a book.

High visibility coat
hung on a hook
at the back door
dad’s got his flat cap on.

Winter light’s got a weakness
that a boy just can’t resist and
I think that crack’s just wide
enough for light to get through it
and I remember it all
like it was only yesterday.
The half-brick hit the window
and we got up and ran away.
Why do I return
to the places that frighten me?
I eat meat with canine teeth
so why am I so pale and weak?