Birds Like Waves

by Sea Glass

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Darling, do you promise to love me in the punk times? Love me in the wussy times? The fat wallet times? Baby-mine , you held the chromatic tuner to your lips and expressed a perfect G. Meanwhile, my tape machine sings a rattling A#.

I bus home happy this evening. The city's feelings are a din. Like that one time on Buffy (Season 3, Episode 18, production code: 3ABB18).

Mucus adheres. The mucus of my music adheres to your waxy canals. Thank you for listening.

Things have changed a lot and this is a heavy thing to consider. My love for you is still eternal and tender.

CDs, tapes and downloads to follow.

Today, something just clicked for me and there was no fear.


released October 19, 2014

written and recorded etc. hrjireland



all rights reserved


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Track Name: fluids in the street dried up and washed away
i drew a bird correctly
like upside down waves in the sea
the blue sky is the water and
the aeroplane is sailing
got back from walking you to work
stood in the corner in the dark
this afternoon the rain came down
and washed the fluids from the street
Track Name: bad events lie ahead
i had a dream you lived in a really nice house
with books piled up and blossom and stuff
and you didn't even mind me looking around

when i went to school my only real goal
was to become a better person not to get a better job
and i still can't decide if it was worth it or not

translucent baby bird lying in the dirt
about to be consumed by an elderly cat
and she doesn't even care that she's grossing me out

when we were at school sometimes we had to go to church
but it wasn't so bad and at least it wasn't work
and if there really is a god then i think it's me
Track Name: everyone returned to work
in the end there was nothing left
but the sun kept everyone alive
and nobody could get at it
or hurt it even if they tried
we felt small
and it felt good to be alive

and the worlds was large and dangerous
and the forest exhaled a flock of birds
it breathed out like it was the tide
consumed the cars and factories
grimly in bitter white light

in the mirror on a silent night
in the rainy south west of england
i looked into the frowning eyes
of the great ape homo sapiens
and i wondered 'what are we doing here?'
Track Name: paper will blunt a knife
i told the publisher the story of my life
but they just said the story was uninteresting and shite
i had a dream that the floor was gone
and i fell down into a never ending basement

planet earth, you're rich in what i need
but i just cant candle the way it comes to me
i'm making increasingly ornate paper planes
and dropping them out of the window of a moving train

i really like the way you're dressed
you seem happy now but you always seems sad on the internet
i guess it must be hard
not being happy with the person that you are

planet earth you will scare me to death
i see your birds but i am nothing like them
don't take a pebble from this beach
they are 1,000,000 years old and £100 each
Track Name: alive and unafraid
there are 7,000,000,000 of us
and the number's going up
we make the laws, we govern the lands but sometimes
being alive and unafraid is enough

i like to walk you to work on mondays
i like it when we sleep in late
on sunday life is nothing but coffee and pancakes
and i swear i am not afraid